Who We Are

Alaska Air Service

We are glad you’re here! Now let us show you our Alaska! Alaska Air Service is just that…Alaskan. We are living the dream right here and work hard to meet your expectations and give you that once in a lifetime memory. The wilderness by airplane is the intrigue and we are good at showing you that. It’s why you came on this special trip. Let us be part of it.

Our intrepid founder, Bill Starr, is joined by his family in delivering these special experiences. Bill has over 6000 hours of flight time (Airline Transport Pilot Rated) and has flown all over Alaska for the past 30 years. Each one of us at Alaska Air Service is tied to Alaska, from our shuttle drivers, reservation folks, to the ramp hands, and yes, even our website guy! You won’t find any seasonal pilots building flight experience for their dream job. Our dreams are right here and you are in them! We love it here and when you travel with us you’ll see why.

Safety is important in all we do and it shows in our fleet of airplanes (all wheeled planes) and personnel. We are certificated, and have oversight from the FAA– a very important Alaska aviation safety partner. You’ll notice the detail of the maintenance (yes, our mechanics are Alaskan too!, including Bill’s son) and the aircraft cleanliness, and our modern cockpits. We talk often about the weather, ground conditions, forecasts and any changing trends so that you are assured of the best ride and experience possible. We rarely cancel (see our policy on FAQ) but if we must, be assured it’s with your safety in mind.

In our worldview it’s all about the experiences. That’s likely why you are here and choosing your aviation charter company. I advise to choose wisely. Price and availability aren’t always the best measures. Get a feel for your provider in all your interactions. It’s easy to promote excitement through website hype and great photos, but a much harder thing to get all your people to deliver on that promise.

I promise that my company will go over and above to exceed your expectations. I welcome your call anytime.

Bill Starr,
Owner – Alaska Air Service