Alaska Air Service FAQ’S

Why should I book a trip through Alaska Air Service?

Every seat is a window seat.
Every aircraft uses Bose premium noise cancelling headphones.
Tour with Alaska locals.
Tour options for every budget and schedule.
In-flight communication system with personal narration by your professional pilot.
100% refund if your tour is cancelled by Alaska Air Service due to inclement weather or your ship is late and we cannot reschedule.

What do the “passenger minimums” mean?

Some of our tours and aircraft have higher operating costs and need more travelers to share this cost. Some of these trips have a minimum number and we can’t book these flights until these minimums are met. Send us a message with your requests and we’ll work hard to meet them. We may suggest a full aircraft charter rate for that really personal experience or we can often pair you up with others in the same situation. We’ll even partner you up with other Alaska explorers and other great companies if we have to!

If you would like to book one of these tours but do not have the minimum number of passengers, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. Also, if you are a cruise ship passenger, we suggest posting within the cruise ship boards to find additional passengers to book a trip with you.

Can we bring children?

Absolutely yes. Children under 2 fly free but must fly as a lap child with lap belt around parent and child. For that really fun trip for kids check out the Explorers Choice option. Buy an adult fare and, space available, bring a kid for free! This is a great way to get them in the air. It’s a trip more affordable and won’t exceed their attention span! We are all kids at heart.

Where do flights depart from?

We operate from three local airports around the Anchorage area. We generally try to depart from the one most convenient for you. Prior to your departure day you will get a confirmation email or call from us covering these details. We also review any special requests you might have such as special music or other important event. If you have a custom request for air charter pick-up services outside of Anchorage we do that too! Give us a call.

Can we book at the last minute?

Yes you can, if there is a flight available. Click the “Chat Live with Us Now” option at the bottom of your screen to talk to us now about your flight. If you are in Anchorage (or set to arrive soon), we will do our absolute best to get you onto a flightseeing trip, even if we help you book it through another company, we will take care of all the details.

To book your flight, call us at (907) 694-8687 or email us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your reservation booked on line requires a 50% to indicate you’re ready to travel on the dates you select. We aren’t looking to keep your money, but unforeseen things can happen to your schedule. If you need to cancel prior to your date of travel you will get a complete refund, please let us know as soon as possible so we can free up the seats for another explorer! We usually have some flexibility in re-booking, but if we reserve a seat for you, you’ll have one waiting! We want you to be fair with us in return by advising of us of any challenges in making your trip as early as possible.

If your tour is cancelled by Alaska Air Service due to inclement weather or your ship is late and cannot reschedule your tour, we will provide you a 100% refund.

If you have questions regarding our cancellation policy or have any other questions please email us or call us at (907) 694-8687.

Will you customize a trip for me?

Yes we will! We pride ourselves on our service and our goal is always to provide you with lifelong memories. So, if you have a specific destination or itinerary in mind that you don’t see offered, let us know. We’ll create your custom dream tour. Call us directly at (907) 694-8687 or fill in the form on this page and we’ll put together a quote for your customized Alaska flightseeing trip of a lifetime! Check out our Custom Tours for ideas or to see the flexibility you may need in Alaska air charters. We fly the entire State!

Why do you ask for my weight when I book a trip?

For safety reasons and to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, we must record the full weight and balance per aircraft. For this reason we record your weight before your flight. Please add 10 lbs per person as it is required by the FAA.

Can we book a group?

Yes you definitely can book a group tour with Alaska Air Service. To book a group of more than 6 passengers, please contact us directly using the chat box at the bottom of this page, emailing us, calling us at (907) 694-8687, or filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

Will we be able to talk to our pilot during the flight?

Yes, you will! Our pilots are extremely knowledgeable about the local area and the various areas of Alaska.

Each seat is equipped with a unique in-flight communications system that allows you to have conversations with your pilot as we fly you over some of the planet’s most fascinating landmarks. We only use Bose premium noise cancelling headsets.

Your safety is our Number 1 concern, though, so there may be times along the tour route where your pilot will not be able to talk with you as he will be focused on flying and decision making, and busy communicating with flight service and many other pilots along the route. You’ll still be able to use the push-to-talk system to talk to your family, friends and other passengers while your pilot is busy piloting.

Will we see wildlife?

Since wildlife is wild, there are no guarantees, but we will tell you that the State of Alaska is known for its sheer beauty, remoteness, rugged terrain and wild animals. And our pilots are used to being on the lookout for bears, moose, whales, seals, sea lions, mountain goats, caribou, and eagles. So, they’ll let you know when they see something. The best way to make sure you see some of our amazing wildlife is to always keep your eyes open and focused on the landscape below!

I want to take other tours during my trip in Alaska, can you help me plan those?

Yes we can. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we love to share everything that Alaska has to offer. We are also committed to our community. So we partner with many other businesses in Alaska to help our passengers book other tours or excursions. Fill out our contact form or call at (907) 694-8687 to let us know how we can help you out.

What should we bring and wear?

Our best advice is to keep an eye on the Anchorage weather and dress based on the forecast. Also, temperatures can range from 50 degrees 70 degrees during the summer months. See the current Alaska weather at the bottom of this page.
We suggest dressing in layers because the weather can change while you’re out. And finally, remember to wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes to make getting on and off of the plane easier.

We will supply binoculars, beverages, bug spray, and extra rain gear for your use.

Traveling Solo?

Check out our Bush Pilot Tour (this plane is built for one passenger!). Unfortunately we can’t book that on-line. Contact Us and we’ll see if we can match you to another available tour. We have pretty good success getting you solo/independent explores out for an adventure. Give us a call at 907.694.TOUR(8687)!!

Can I bring my backpack?

Due to limited space and weight restrictions on our planes, Alaska Air Service does not allow LARGE day bags or backpacks on our aircraft unless we are delivering you to a lodge or arranged overnight experience. We can secure your luggage/backpack at our office, though, and will keep it safe during your flight.

What will the weather be like?

In Anchorage our summer weather can easily range from rainy and overcast to calm and sunny. Also, temperatures can range from 50 degrees 70 degrees during the summer months. See the current Anchorage weather and upcoming forecast at the bottom of this page.

Should I tip the pilot?

Our pilots endeavor to give you a safe, enjoyable experience and if you’d like to show your appreciate with a tip, you are more than welcome to tip the pilot, however it is not a requirement to tip the pilot or any of our staff.